Our dogs are our family, we breed only for the longevity and betterment of the Golden Retriever breed. We try our very best and spare no expense in the pursuit of quality, soundness and the care of our goldens. Likewise we make no apologies for our strict screening regime for prospective buyers. We do our best and demand only the best of homes for our puppies. Ninety percent of our puppies are already promised to lovely families who have had our goldens before or are a referral from family and friends. We love this extended golden family of ours and enjoy the sharing of experiences, love and joy that it brings.

Our dogs are our hobby – something we enjoy – it is NOT our primary source of income……….. this is what makes us different from many breeders and enables us to pursue the genuine goal of improving the breed in all respects without the competing conflict of providing a living.

Paul is President of the Golden Retriever Club of Qld and actively competes in the showring. Jenny, Emma and Olivia provide much love to all of our furr kids and are integral in the socialisation, love and caring that our dogs enjoy.

Our golden team share their home in beautiful Samford with our 4 horses Spirit, Patch, Silver and Honey Candy………………….

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